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Simple Tournament

Glory Hearthstone Cup

Standard-ConquestRead the rules
119 Players
16 Minimum
0 Pending
137 Slots Remaining

RULES [Hearthstone] Standard-Conquest

[Hearthstone] Standard-Conquest
Required Game Accounts
  • hsbnet
General Rules

In case of trouble encountered during the match in progress, an arbitrator may be asked to intervene in the situation. Those will always adapt to different situations and therefore naturally need evidence to take the most just decision; and the evidence of the issues identified by the players will always be present before any request for arbitration, any abusive request justified or not will be penalized.

The smooth running of tournaments through the respects of players, referees and regulations. Explained courteously with his opponent to explain the problem and remedy remains the fastest and easiest way.

1.Ensure that your accounts are current platforms :

 Logos jeux plateforme

  • 1.1 The different identifiers shown on the site must be strictly the same as those used in game otherwise instant disqualification from the tournament will be going more often imposed, even if it's a final.
  • 1.2 If you do not find your opponent or if one has a bad identifier you can refer to an arbitrator who will decide how to proceed.

2. Preparation and launch of the game :

  • 2.1 You have 10 minutes to confirm your presence and participation in the game by clicking on the button "I'm ready" or you will be automatically disqualified.
  • 2.2 Once you enter to be ready, the game must be launched as soon as possible or an arbitrator shall be free to make you lose the first round, or more.
  • 2.3 The game creates the cat that can be used to enter more easily into contact with your opponents or the g4g staff if a request for arbitration is issued.

Remember to consult the various points of the game before playing if you do it means you agree to the conditions, even if the rules are not respected. A game played by bad rules may well be regarded as valid if you accepted. It should be noted that if a map is played in its entirety it can not be challenged for incorrect settings.

3.Developement of the match :

  • 3.1 The team at the top of the bracket to host the first meeting, then the second will be hosted by the other team, and so on until a winner is declared.
  • 3.2 If a connection problem occurs you can ask your opponents to change host once and once only.
  • 3.3 Once in part, please use the chat to contact your opponents; the manager of each team must monitor the profile of the game at least every five minutes to avoid being disqualified because of his absence from the possible intervention of an arbitrator.
  • 3.4 At the end of the game you have to validate the results and to show a minimum of respect for your opponents, any breach of these points will automatically sanctioned.

4.Sanctions :

4.1 Any behavior considered as bad or harmful to or to Glory4Gamers is punishable up a warning to a permanent ban.

Specifics of the tournament
Format of the bracket:
The tournament follows the rule of direct disposal (in case of defeat no draft will be made) in conquest (detailed below).


  All decks are permitted.


  You have five minutes break (at the most) between every game and opponent.


  Any disconnection of the lobby, game or match, will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament.
Conquest-free Format

 Players must add friend on the game using the information provided on the scoresheet; the top player on the match sheet creates the lobby (for the entire bo) by inviting his opponent using the "Challenge for free" button.

Selection phase:

 Before starting a game, each player must choose two (or three if a BO5) classes. Players must then announce their pick in the following order:
  • A player announces first class.
  • Player B announces its first class.
  • Player B announces its second class.
  • A player announces its second class.
(Then if a BO5)
  • A player announces third.
  • Player B announced its third class.
Victory and defeat:

 Qand a player wins a round with a deck, this one and the class used can not be used during the remainder of the game. The losing player can choose whether to keep his deck for the next game, however please note that if it retains the same class it is imperative to keep the same deck (you can not use two different decks using the same class in the same match against an opponent).


 The player is not forced to play its decks in order to pick phase. Both players can player quite the same class, such as two players can each have a Paladin deck.
Example of accepted evidence and requested
In case of litigation and / or arbitration commissioning, we will ask for proof of your victory. It will provide us a screenshot of the victory screen appear by the nicknames of the players and the time.

Each player must also take a screenshot of the lobby when the invitation to the challenge. Referees must be able to view decks used by players during the game.
  • Preuve Hearthstone
Valid Types of Proof
In case of litigation and/or arbitration, we will ask you the proofs of your victory. You should provide a screenshot of the victory screen which shows the nicknames of the players.

Each player must take a screen of the lobby when the player is defied. The referees should be able to see all the decks of the player used on the match.