Project Exalt [XLT]

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0 Roster
1 Game
Since 2019
General Manager: WinT3_r#1590


To participate in a team tournament you have to:
  • 1. Add players to your team.
  • 2. Create roster(s) corresponding to the game and rule desired and add players to it.
  • 3. Select one specific roster when you register to the tournament.
General Manager


The general manager is in charge of the team as a whole. He manages the team composition and all the different rosters.
Game filters:
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - PC
  • Game Manager


    The game manager can manage all the rosters linked to a specific game. He is able to modify, create, delete rosters and register them to tournaments.
  • Game rosters:


    A roster is a selection of players belonging to a team and eligible to play in this discipline.
  • A team is a group of players that can be active on several disciplines as in a real sports clubs.
  • You have to create a roster for each discipline you want to play. A roster is subgroup of players of the same team linked to a specific discipline.
  • Ex : a Rocket League 3v3 roster, a Battlefield Hardline 5v5 Rescue roster, and so forth within the same team.
  • It will make your partner and potential sponsor search easier.