Nicecactus & Glory4Gamers

Nicecactus and Glory4Gamers join forces to offer you a complete gaming experience!

Glory4Gamers and the players

Since June 2012, many of you have been playing, having fun and improving skills with Glory4Gamers. Today, more than 2,000 tournaments are held every month by G4G, and you players are the ones who make the competition come alive.

G4G is the leading organizer of online tournaments in France and the 3rd in Europe.

After two versions of the website, and a third private beta version launched during the summer of 2019, we continue to move forward, always with the same goal in mind: to democratize esports, making it accessible to all, through a unique and qualitative gaming experience!

It is in this spirit that, since the end of January 2020, Nicecactus and Glory4Gamers have joined forces to bring players an even more complete service!

Nicecactus' acquisition of Glory4Gamers: what’s next?

Nicecactus provides players with a unique professional training method and all the tools they need to fulfill their dream of becoming champions.

The platform aims to support players throughout all their esports activities! It offers a range of training programs, competitions, statistics and acts as a launching pad to the professional esports world.

Glory4Gamers will bring their expertise and technology to the Competition pillar of this ambitious project!

We’ll tell you more in a few weeks.


Esports is made up of big families, and today both Nicecactus and Glory4Gamers are coming together to form a bridge for all players who love competition, who love esports: for you!


The two platforms will remain independent for now, but soon, Glory4Gamers will join forces on the "Competition" pillar of the Nicecactus platform!

You will, of course, be informed via social media, and get involved in these changes, as they will only bring new opportunities for you, players!