How to register on Glory4Gamers ?

To participate in a Glory4Gamers tournament you must create an account. Your platform accounts are not mandatory for the registration on the website, but it will allow you to play in these online tournaments.

If you already own an account on the PlayStationPlus League website, it can be used to play on Glory4Gamers and your Glory4Gamers account can be used in the PS+League as well.

How to create a team ?

Team tournaments require that you create or join a team prior to your participation, as it will be explained later.

A team is a group of players registered on the platform that are gathered under a common name. The number of players in a team is unlimited and any player can be invited to join a team whether they're on your friend list or not. However, you can only belong to one team at a time.

To create a team, go to your Profile and visit the “Team Tab”, or simply click the My Team tab in the main menu. You only have to fill a form with your team's information.

Création d'une équipeCreation team form

If you use a PS+League account in which a team is already created, it will be available for use on Glory4Gamers.

How to create a roster ?

Creating a team is only the first step toward your participation in team tournaments. In your team, you have to create what we call a roster for the game and the category you want to play.

A roster will be composed of several members of your team and it will be this roster that will play in a given tournament. While the total number of people that can be in your team is unlimited, the number of players in a roster depends of the type of tournament they'll enter. This means you have to create a two-member roster for 2v2 tournaments. If a 5v5 tournament is organized for the same game, a different roster made of 5 players has to be created to successfully enter the tournament. Likewise, you have to create another roster if a 2v2 tournament you want to play in is planned on a different game. Always keep in mind that a roster is linked to :

  • A team
  • A category
  • A game


To create a roster, access the “Roster” in the “My Team” page. In the Composition tab all existing rosters will be displayed as well as the “New roster”. If you prefer to use the main menu in the header, access the roster creation page by clicking on “My Rosters” when connected. After you've clicked “New Roster” you will simply have to fill a form similar than the Team creation form, but smaller.

A player cannot be a member of two teams, however, they can belong to as many rosters as they wish. If you use a PS+League account in which you are already part of a team and one or several rosters, they will be available on Glory4Gamers as well.

Tournament menus

A tournament page is sectioned in specific sub-menus we call tabs. They help you access every important information you need to play a tournament in the PS+League :

Menu d'un tournoi MaxPointMax Points tournament menu
Menu d'un tournoi BracketBracket tournament menu

A format can have 5 or 6 tabs :

  • Infos : groups all the general information about a tournament such as the start date and hour, the number of participants and the tournament's format.
  • Rules : It is a very important read as both the general rules of the tournament as well as the specific rules about the game you are playing are listed there.
  • Rounds specs : indicates the format of each round you will play during a match, use it to have a quick overview of the number of rounds you must play and, if the game requires it, the maps and modes you must play.
  • Bracket : displays the interactive bracket tree-view.
  • Live : displays the tournament's official livestream.
  • Participants : displays the registered participants/rosters's list and those pending validation by their players.


As soon as the tournament starts, a « Play » tab will appear on the left of the “Infos” tab:

Bouton jouerThe "Play" tab

It is in this tab that you will manage your matches one after the other. Once this tab has appeared and you are assigned a match, you must click on the ready button to see the information concerning your opponent. You will also enter your scores and interact with a referee using this tab and the chat anchored at the bottom of your screen.

At the end of the tournament, the “Play” tab will disappear and the “Participants” tab will be replaced by a “Results” tab in which you can consult the tournament's final rankings displayed in a list.

How to register to a tournament?

To participate in Glory4Gamers competitions, you will have to go to a tournament page and check the tournament format, the game and the category to be played before you register. Depending on the tournament format, the method used to register is different. There are two types of registration used by G4G tournament formats:

  • Tournaments with mandatory registration prior to the start date.

    Example : bracket tournaments with a tree-view.

  • Tournaments you can register to at any time before the end date.

    Example : Max Points tournaments that are played in a limited time only.


Both kinds of tournaments can be played solo or in a team.

Solo Tournaments

In 1v1 tournaments you simply have to go to the page of the tournament you wish to enter and then click on the « Register» button.

Bouton d'inscriptionRegister button

For each tournament you have to make sur your platform account name is correct in your profile on the Glory4Gamers website before you register. If none was enter, the seizure of it will be required at registration.

Team tournaments

As we already told you, you have to create a roster to take part in team tournaments. To enter a roster to a specific tournament, the team manager registers the selected roster directly in the tournament page. Each player that has been selected by the manager must confirm their participation in the Agenda tab of their Profile section. When the roster is definitely registered to the tournament, its status goes from “Pending” to “Registered”.

Pop-in de choix du rosterRoster choice page
Pop-in de choix des joueursPlayer selection page