CashBack tournaments

What is a CashBack tournament?

A CashBack tournament is an endowed bracket tournament.

Its principle is simple : the greater the number of participants, the higher the cashprize is!

The tournament winnings are largely distributed so that many players are declared winners.

Please find below a distribution table that is calculated according to the number of participants in a CashBack tournament with a 1€ entry fee.


Number of players4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512+

Distribution of winnings

Top 13€4€5,5€7€10€15€25€40€
Top 2-2€3,5€5€6€7€15€20€
3e-4e -2€3€4€5€7€10€
5e-8e  0,5€2€3€4€5€7€
9e-16e  -0,5€2€3€4€5€
17e-32e   -0,5€2€3€4€
33e-64e    -0,5€2€3€
65e-128e     -0,5€2€
128e-256e      -0,5€

In the event less than 4 players register in a Cashback tournament, the competition is cancelled and participants refunded within 3 open days.